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This Guy Is Like A Human Machine Gun. Woah!

By: Tomo on: 10:44
Time to board up the windows because being outside is no longer an option!

Once You See What’s Filling The Sky, You Might Never Go Outside Again. OMG.

By: Tomo on: 10:41
When you go shopping for a steak at the local market, its the last thing you'd expect to have a secret, especially wrapped up in clear plastic. However, this will have you thinking twice!

This Video Will Make You Think Twice The Next Time You Eat Meat!

By: Tomo on: 10:39

 Nemo 33 is located in Brussels, Belgium and is officially the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool, extending a whopping 113 feet beneath the surface. In fact, this pool is so deep, it’s actually dark at the bottom! It’s temperature is regulated so swimmers don’t have to wear wet suits and there are even several underwater caves where divers can explore beyond the main “pit.”

This footage of Guillaume Néry “playing” at Nemo 33 is mesmerizing. Watch as he floats to its depths in a way that will entrance you as much just as much as it blows your mind. He makes it look easy, but I think I’d be too terrified to take the plunge!

The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool Descends 113 Feet Below The Surface

By: Tomo on: 10:32

Weird Moment on Escalator

By: Tomo on: 11:23
Amazing clip of a Lockheed Martin DAGR & HELLFIRE missiles test in super slow motion and full speed.

DAGR & HELLFIRE Missiles Test (HD)

By: Tomo on: 11:13
Brown alert for those guys who thought railway tracks make a good way for off-road.

Riding motorcycle on a railway tracks is never a good idea

By: Tomo on: 09:35
Man fell into the river after breaking the rope which was placed as temporary barrier of the bridge. Part of the bridge barrier was destroyed due to water flooded few days ago.

Littering a river is bad karma!!!

By: Tomo on: 09:28

Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank

By: Tomo on: 06:42

Ants Work in Harmony

By: Tomo on: 05:31

Sickest Ice Bucket Challenge Ever ?

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By: Tomo on: 10:41

Poo Bucket Challenge!

By: Tomo on: 10:39

English Dual Carriage Way "Brawl"

By: Tomo on: 10:37

India: Baby born with two faces strives to live

By: Tomo on: 10:34

Man puts powerful banger/firecracker in pocket for £10 dare

By: Tomo on: 04:08

Man was still alive after he was hit by train

By: Tomo on: 04:06

Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

By: Tomo on: 04:04

Drug addicted man, jumped into ground instead of swimming pool

By: Tomo on: 04:02

Nine-year-old Girl Fatally Shoots Instructor with Uzi

By: Tomo on: 03:58

Bus driver high on synthetic marijuana crashs bus after having weed pipe while driving

By: Tomo on: 03:56

Biker gets instant karma

By: Tomo on: 09:17

Natural Legs

By: Tomo on: 09:14

Now This Person Has Worms

By: Tomo on: 09:13

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